Women’s career development 19th September 7.30pm

The evening will focus on the complexity of women’s careers, particularly on
the return to work after parenting or other extended career breaks. Claudia will
draw in her talk on careers research that explains the specifics of women’s
careers and will summarise the current debates on how to support women with
developing their careers. Further she will share the findings of her own masters
research on which factors influence how women re-engage with their career
development after maternity leave. The talk will be of interest to any women who
have already returned to work after a career break, who are on a long-term
career break or who just want to inform themselves about gender specific aspects
of career development.

Claudia Filsinger has a background in sales and corporate learning and
development. Since her maternity leave she has a portfolio career that combines
lecturing, training and coaching. She is an Associate Lecturer at the Oxford
Brookes Business School and has led seminars on ‘Self-awareness and career
management’. The focus of her private client coaching practice is on career
coaching and she has a research interest in women’s career development.

Look forward to seeing you there


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  1. Sounds so good! Wish I could come 😦 xx

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