6th June 7.30pm. Century of the Self documentary film. Adam Curtis

Our next meeting will now be on the 6th June not 3oth May because of the hall being used for blood donations.

This is a four-part documentary that is very relevent to the current state of the financial climate, and our materialistic view of life.

Curtis examines the ways in which an idea, the modern idea that our feelings and desires are the most important thing about us, has taken on the status of a religion and changed the nature of our democracies.


Our aim will be to watch the first part on the 6th June and the remaining three parts over the next few months.

For those of you looking forward to your Neals Yard delivery this week please let me know your address details and I am happy to drop them off to you this week.

Look forward to seeing you soon!!!


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  1. Lesley Williams

    oh dear – the Parish Link announces it as this week – sorry will correct it for next week – so when is the next?


  2. I know its my fault again its because of the blood donation dates I havent got them in my diary!!!!! Next meet is 6th June, sorry am trying really hard to get a good grasp on all the ins and outs of it!!!!!!

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